Silent Night – not for moralists! (#7)

In the last blog we considered the 4th vers of Silent Night as THE SONG OF PEACE.

Today: Peace, a moral appeal?

Literal translation from German:

5th vers

Silent Night! Holy Night!
Long since we thought
When the Lord freed from anger
In the old days of the fathers
All the world promised protection
All the world promised protection.

This verse is directed against all doomsday preachers, against the pessimists, against the skeptical believers, against the moralists, against all people who want to divide the world into “good” and “bad”! They believe they are pillars of decency in society, but they trample on human dignity – the dignity of peoples, the dignity of creation!

There is NO rage on creation. Creation is freed from guilt, we are part of its dignity, high above the small-minded. History is not threatened with eternal ruin! The “Lord” does not judge, he is not a ruler. He is not interested in our “mistakes”! Read the parable of the “prodigal son” in the Bible = it is the story of the “merciful father” (Lk. 15, 11-32)! You see: God’s power lies in goodness, he does not see the guilt at all, and he does not allow himself to be taken over by any religious authority. We are not lost sheep and we are not oppressed slaves! – Can someone tell me something else from this vers? … .. Why is it so quiet now….!?

Do not take the moralists too seriously, they are often not honest brokers, they cower behind walls, in their own world. They believe they have to save humanity from there. They don’nt give you consolation. Helplessly they put you off to the hereafter, what does that help you to live here and now?

The faith of the Catholic priest Joseph Mohr is freedom! – safe in the arms of the Creator! No place to complain, just for praise! Did he so lose his true faith? A useless question! His message in the Christmas poem Silent Night is the good news of his Christian faith – it came about when he was completely dependent on this faith.

The guardians of manners and morality in the church are not worth it for Mohr to call them by name: He says it without words in his Christmas poem: forget the moral preachers! You are free – always have been! Your responsibility for life is a gift, not an overwhelming burden, forget your feelings of inferiority! Your self-doubts only drive you into paralyzing rigidity. Scare away all these pests! You are a part of creation, you with your crooked nose, with your bow legs, with your quirky look, … .. – just as you are!

In the next blog we look at the shepherds with their „open ears“ in the sixth and last vers – not about a shepherd’s idyll!

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