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This is my first blog ever. It’s for you!

Do you know the Christmas song SILENT NIGHT? What a question! You may say. No Christmas without SILENT NIGHT! It touches you somehow, doesn’t it? 

Just like you, it touches millions of people all over the world! It causes wet eyes to meny people! What does this song have? 

When, where and how was Silent Night created? Let’s go on the search! 

I am Max, Gurtner Max.

I’m standing here in front of the elementary school in Arnsdorf (a small village not far from Salzburg), the village school teacher Franz Xaver Gruber created here this famous melody in 1818. The priest Joseph Mohr had written the text as a Christmas poem two years earlier – in Mariapfarr in the Lungau. Gruber and Mohr sang it for the first time at Christmas 1818 in Oberndorf.

The ground floor is still a school (currently with 35 kids). The second floor, where Gruber lived, is now a museum, which reminds us the history of that time. I am the curator here, so I am close to the origin of this song! Let’s dive into this history and make a look behind this story!?

If these walls could talk, they would have a lot to tell! If we become quiet, maybe we can hear them talking? And if we become completely calm inside, maybe we understand what they are saying! We must be all ears! 

At this point I want to tell you that a few years ago I resumed my theology studies and finished my master’s degree in 2016. I wanted to better understand what these walls are telling – and share this history.

Sharing in Corona times?

I would like to invite you to our little museum in Arnsdorf, guide you through the rooms, let you feel the history and take a look behind the objects, and – together listen to what the walls are telling!

Even if you are far away, on this channel you will receive information, knowledge and thoughts that you perhaps have never seen/heard before!

How many books and articles have been written about Silent Night! They would fill a considerable library. But has everything really been said about Silent Night?

There is a story behind the stories! A story which happens between seventh heaven joy – and despair over human abysses. That is where the essential things in life take place. It is THE place where people touch each other, THE place where the world changes. 

Perhaps in this way we will be able to trace the essence of Silent Night?

SILENT NIGHT did not fall from heaven. Its roots reach deep into us human beings – within you and within me.

Let us see what is hidden under our shell! Maybe there is a lot to discover! – Not scientifically, others probably can do it better. I mean hidden treasures that really touch us.

Here are some topics that we can look at in small steps over the next weeks:

– The individual verses. How many are there? 

– The historical background, the time of the Enlightenment, the time after the Napoleonic wars!

-The lives and destinies of the two creators. 

– The role of the church in the shadow of the mighty Salzburg Cathedral.

– The role of women

– Is SILENT NIGHT a Christian song? 

– Does SILENT NIGHT have a place in Christian theology?

– How do you feel when you sing or listen to Silent Night on Christmas Eve?

You see, we will not run out of material so quickly! 

Do you also have thoughts/suggestions that you would like to contribute?

I plan to post a small contribution on this channel regularly.

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Take care … And do not underestimate the power of silence! 

Silent nightHoly N…“ you know. 

In the next blog we will look into the question why only three of the six verses are generally known. Later we will look at the different verses.

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